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The WordPress plugin which helps to fix rss feed errors such as: “Error on line 2: The processing instruction target matching “[xX][mM][lL]” is not allowed.” when you trying to burn WordPress RSS Feed from feedburner, or the error “XML or text declaration not at start of entity” which appears in the Firefox browser, error that happens in Opera browser “XML declaration not at beginning of document” etc.

Download Fix RSS Feed WordPress Plugin

Version: 3.59Release date: 2011-11-24

How to install the rss fix wordpress plugin?

The fix-rss-feed plugin can be installed as all other WordPress plugins. You need to download the archive, unpack and upload it’s content to the Plugins directory.

  1. Upload the content of archive to the Plugins folder, for sample wp-content/plugins/, the ful path to the plugin directory should looks like  wp-content/plugins/fix-rss-feed/.
  2. Go to WP Plugins List and activate the installed plugin.

The installation is done and plugin was activated.

Now how to use the rss fix wordpress plugin?

The usage of rss feed fixer is pretty much easy. It works automatically after one key press.

  1. Open the WordPress Admin Dashboard, then select Options -> fix rss feed
  2. To check WordPress folders and remove errors, click to the “fix wordpress rss feed” button. Plugin will scan folders (except wp-admin and wp-includes) for .php files with header and tail empty lines. It would delete detected blank lines (middle code blank lines will not be affected, so don’t worry, it will not change the main code)
  3. When it finish to fix rss feed content, the plugin will show you the result. In case if some of your documents containing the problem code but marked as read only, it will prompt an error. In that case you can change the file permission to writable, and rescan the content by pressing of  “fix wordpress rss feed ” button again.

When all checks will be passed, you will see that your WordPress blog became free of rss feed errors.

How to send photo using Skype for iPad

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New verion of Skype for iPad announces the feature of sending photos. But how?

It is very simple. You just need to start the Skype conversation with somebody, press the PLUS button [+] at the right top corner of the conversation window and choose the menu item allowing you to send photo to the Skype contact. Now choose what photo you want to send: make it right now with your camera or choose the photo which already exists.

That is it! Now you may send photos with Skyme for iPad!

Stackhash Error Happens Under Vista or Win 7

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What is stackhash error? How to resolve the stackhash error? Why the stackhash error happens?

There is a little list of issues:

I recently noticed APPCRASH report data which specify something like “StackHash…” in the “faulting module” parameter of the Windows Error Reporting crash data. When this type of crash is reported, the fault offset in the module always seems to be 0.

The solution is below!

» Read more: Stackhash Error Happens Under Vista or Win 7

Manually fix rss feed problem

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Did your problem like this :

XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity
Line Number 2, Column 1: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>

I prefer use the plugin so I had use fix rss feed plugin to fix that but no change at all, it still said XML parsing error and I’m frustrated for a while but maybe you should use this manual way to get rid of it

🙂 I got it from wp support forum, let’s see…

to the point

  • Open the file “feed-rss2.php” in wp-includes folder. Find the following code
header(‘Content-Type: text/xml; charset=’ . get_option(‘blog_charset’), true);
$more = 1;
  • Enter the following code under the code above, directly below it with no space
$out = ob_get_contents();
$out = str_replace(array(“n”, “r”, “t”, ” “), “”, $input);
  • Do the same thing with feed file-RSS2-comments.php; feed-rss.php; feed-rdf.php; feed-atom.php; feed-atom-comments.php, input the code above under the code on the first

I hope your feed health again, because I prove it and get my rss  feed back to normal… see you smile

copied from my blog at walasa . com

Incremental Opera and Mozilla downloads

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In accordance with the warnings of the Governments of Germany, Australia and France, users have, in fact, starts switch from Microsoft Internet Explorer to other web browser. So the web statistic show now that fact: Incremental Firefox Downloads in 4 Days often on more than three times than usual. With Opera things the same way but there still is the fact that FireFox of version 3.6. just released.

What does it mean? The fact that the mass fraction of IE is much smaller. And the fact that hackers will now start seeking holes in FF and Opera, Safari and Chrome. Well, then who will be more popular. will see… For that case we should not forget about web browser plug-ins – they also will look for holes.

Microsoft stuff would make the IE easier, that he simply Browse and not much climbing in and was not “particularly clever – it would be easier. Yes, they make IE very powerfull but otherwise the potential hole – the joy of a hacker.

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